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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Newly Married Woman hasn't had the chance to enjoy any bit of being married to Husband


I'm a newly married woman who hasn't had the chance to enjoy any bit of being married to the man of my dreams due to everything hitting us all at once. Before getting married, me and my husband had a long distant relationship for over five years, him living in Pennsylvania and myself living in Georgia. When we had finally had the chance to get married and be together, we were so excited and couldn't wait to take advantage of the opportunity.

Due to me wanting to go back to school to finish my degree, we decided that he would move to Georgia for a year. One month before we were to be married, I moved closer to my collage, set up the home as best I could on a limited budget (we have the bear necessities with our only piece of furniture being an air mattress that has seen better days), and started preparing for school that starts in June. Things were going great and we had money saved up enough to last us for two months, time enough for him to find a job here, as well as me working from home making at least enough to pay the bills.

Then two weeks before I was to move my family was hit with a lot all at once. My grandmother died two Fridays before my move date, my cousin was murdered the Saturday after that, my mother lost her job the Monday after that, my sister found out she had stage four cancer that Wednesday, and my uncle found out he had cancer the following Monday. Then two weeks before we were to be married, two weeks after moving,I lost my job due to company restructuring which drastically cut our funds. After he moved down here, the job that he had lined up fell through and no other leads had/have yet called back. Just last week we found out that my mother-in-law's cancer came back at stage four, and she has been given three months to see rather or not she is going to live or die. Needless to say our savings ran out way before we had planned and neither one of us have anyone else to turn to.

We are on the verge of all of our utilities being disconnected and kicked out of our home. I have been applying for more jobs, but with our phone on the verge of getting turned off, I may not hear back from them. We are in desperate need of help just to get through this month. I am the type of person that would give my last cent to help any one in need. I don't know what else to do other than to beg for help myself. We do not qualify for any type of help due to not having a child. All of the charity organizations are either not accepting any more applications or are out of funds. To make it through this month we need $3000 JUST to pay the bills. This includes rent, gas, water, electric, car, insurance, and phone bills. I'm all out of options at this point and am begging for any type of help that I can get.

Thank you for taking the time to read my plea. Any and all help will be appreciated. We only have til tomorrow afternoon (6/10/14) to come up with the funds that we need. Please help us.

I am sorry I forgot to include my paypal email address:

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