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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Stephen would like to receive some help from this story's readers

Find a way to help this young man.

Dear Sir/Madam:

My name is J. Stephen; I am 29 years old ; I am from Brooklyn ,NY . I am writing to you in need of financial help regarding my life's hardships. Before, I begin explaining my situation, allow me to reveal my past endeavors to you, for what continues to hurt me physically, mentally and emotionally till this day. My parents have three children ,and I being the eldest meant lots of responsibilities. My parents and I were very close, we did a lot as a family. I used to watch my father play basketball. When I was four years of age he started to teach me how to play basketball and that's when I fell in love with the game, and became determined to become a professional basketball player. My father was my greatest hero. I can also say that my favorite star was Michael Jordan; watching him play added a spark to my dream, and showing me that I should never give up on pursuing my dreams.

As time moved on, looking up to my dad as my hero, he became verbally and physically abusive at times to my mother and I. On every altercation between my parents, there were verbal and physical fights amongst them, which made me cry a lot. When I was five, I saw my parents go through an ugly divorce; It was very difficult for me to witness because my father was my hero. My relationship with my father went downhill from there. My grandfather had stepped in as a father figure in my life; we were very close but when he passed away there was a void in my life. My grandfather believed in my dreams, so that pushed me to continue working on accomplishing my basketball career. After, spending so much time with my Grandfather, he died right in front of me; He was 77 years old and died of heart failure. At that time I felt lost and empty, that the only person that believed, cheered me on about my dreams, was not there anymore. My mother could not sustain our apartment alone after my father had left the family, so my mom, sister, brother and I moved around from house to house for shelter. My mom struggled on her own to provide for all of us, she had no choice but to seek shelter for us with several family members. As a result of living with several family members, I was molested by two of my cousins, both male and female; which lasted up to five years. I did not have the heart to tell my mother at first because we did not have a good relationship once my father left, so I kept everything in. That defilement came to a halt when I watched a video of a man who died of aids because he was homosexual. I was so scared after watching it because, I thought I was going to die due to what was happening to me. I finally had the heart to tell my mom about the molestation that was being done to me. It broke her heart to shreds regarding the news, but she knew from then on, that she was going to work hard to find our own home to keep us safe. There have been times where my family and I do not have any food to eat. If it was not for God watching over us, we would not have made it through.

During those crucial childhood events; being molested, also bullied at school and being mistreated by my father; out of all the events the one that was really damaging was being repeatedly molested by my relatives. For many years, I was mentally and emotionally messed up; and had low self-esteem. I was seeing a psychologist when I was 13 years old to help cope with everything I was dealing with at that time.

After Junior high school I attended Randolph High school in Massachusetts, where I was living with my aunt and uncle. During the beginning part of my high school years I tried to make the basketball team but was unable to make the team because my skill level was not up to par yet .I practiced really hard and finally made the team from my junior to senior year. During those two years I started to feel pain in my back but could not figure out why I was having pain, but I continued to play. After graduating from high school, I attended Saint John’s University back home in New York. I chose this school because I wanted to study sports medicine and play basketball. Things started to get difficult for me ; my back would get stiff at times and I could not move. There were days where I was not able to function in doing certain daily activities. I had decided to visit my primary care doctor, who inquired that I must have a lumbar procedure done due to chronic back problems and stiffness. After the minor procedure , I noticed that it was not a success because I was still in pain, and stiff. After, dealing with the procedure, I was forced to work because of the loans I had to take out to pay for school and with every school in order to continue with school , the bills have to get paid. I worked a lot of dead end jobs while attending college and chasing my dreams and providing for my family; I even started to build my own websites online to try and receive some lucrative income. I only could do so much until it became physically and mentally tough for me; it affected my grades, and I had no choice but to drop out from school because of financial issues. Because of these hefty loans that I have and not being able to pay them off, I am not able go back and finish school. Finishing school is something that I want to do and accomplish.

All that I ever wanted to do was to love God, my family, become a professional basketball player and help people around the world who have similar hardships in life. I still want to live and truly experience my life long dream, but it would take money to make my dreams become a reality. After, visiting several doctors and taking several MRI's of my back, no doctors could diagnose exactly is wrong with my back. While visiting the doctors though I had asked questions about the type of treatment I would need; across the board they all mentioned that I would need extensive physical therapy to repair my body. With all that said insurances only could cover some physical therapy, so I looked into how much these extensive therapies would cost and it comes to around $100,000 . This is the main reason why I am sending this letter to you is because I know that you have a good heart in helping others. All that I am asking from you is a contribution no higher than $10,000. With this amount your contribution would begin to help me get my body to its proper condition with the appropriate physical therapy treatments. It can also help me to try and get back to school and also chase my basketball dream. In possibly achieving my dreams I would be able to help others in paving a roadway to become anything in life, by providing them the essential skills and give them the opportunity that was giving to me, by you. In giving me this opportunity this will become a living testimony of my struggles by proving that it's not too late to accomplish your dreams. You have the opportunity to give a person a chance to succeed, would you please help? Your donations would be greatly appreciative and will make a huge difference in my life, and hopefully the lives of others.

I believe that there is a purpose that God wants me to write a letter to you. Until this very day, I still don't know why he wants me to do it, but God always tells us to do unordinary things in order for His glory to be magnified, and for us to be blessed. I trust him and believe that he will deliver me out from my struggles, and finally have peace in my life. It means a lot to me that you took the time to show a sympathetic heart regarding my life, I thank you. If you would like to get in contact with me, regarding questions, comments, and donations please use the above email address or contact me on my cell phone, (347) 244-0543. I look forward to hearing from you, for I believe that God can make all things possible, by asking people in all walks of life to make a difference for other people who have nothing.

May God bless you abundantly on your act of kindness.

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